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We all experience highs and lows with life.  If we didn’t we wouldn’t be human.

Today I made a quick decision to do what I had tentatively planned to do a number of weeks ago.  When I was on vacation the last time the one thing I wanted to do was take a day and go up to the trailer.  Well, I hemmed and hawed around and it never happened.

When I booked this week off I wasn’t sure what would happen because my parents always close the trailer on the Thanksgiving long weekend.  I figured I’d go up anyway.  I’d go into town.  Use a bathroom or two there.  I could even go to the trailer park and use the trailer, I just couldn’t turn on the water and use the bathroom.  Then they decided to not close it that weekend but a week later!!  Bonus!!  Worked for me!!

After yesterday I was really down in the dumps.  Finally I just said screw it, I’m going.  And I texted my mom, picked up the key and some boxes and off I went.

I packed up most of the food for her and brought it home because one of her concerns was how she was going to get everything home in one vehicle with my daughter, her stuff, their dog, etc. along.  They have to bring home the TV too so it doesn’t freeze.  This hopefully solved that problem.

I went into town, I went to the beach and I took pictures.  I have been going non-stop since getting home so hopefully I will get them off my camera and can share a few of them tomorrow.

I didn’t get one thing done and that was writing.  But I’m hoping that getting away was enough to boost the inspiration.  To give me something to want to write about again.

A comment yesterday was about giving up on Confessions and starting something fresh.  One of my options on my list by the way.  And I might just do that.  I enjoyed writing the one book I wrote set up in Goderich.  I want to write another one set there.

Maybe now is that chance!  NaNoWriMo is just around the corner… during which time I will likely not be blogging daily, just to give you a heads up!