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What, you ask, is missing?

My mini-memoir manuscript.  Remember I was writing the mini-memoir about my great-grandmother’s house, the tour and the memories?

The four words no author ever wants to hear.  I. Can’t. Find. It!

It was here.  It was right here!  It’s not the electronic file I’m looking for.  It’s the paper copy.  The copy I was in the middle of editing and adding large, handwritten chunks to!  This cannot be happening!

I know I tidied up the basement around the computer desk a bit but not that much.  It was sitting right on top of the binders than contain Confessions in the Mural and it was there for the longest time.  I have no recall past that!

I’ve just spent about two hours running up and down the stairs trying to find it.  Wracking my brain trying to remember if I tucked it into something to take with me to edit at my parent’s house or if I took it upstairs and if I did… where did I put it?

I set it aside to work on my short story–which I just submitted by the way so that makes me happy that it’s done–and Confessions.  Now, when I want to get back to it… same words… I. Can’t. Find. It!

So what do I do now?  I have the electronic version but what about everything I had handwritten?  What about all the information (about three pages) that I had jotted down about how my grandmother came to live there and about my great-grandfather building it, living in it and dying?

I keep thinking it has to be here somewhere but I don’t know where somewhere is.  I’ve searched stacks of papers.  I’ve looked in all my working nooks and crannies and I don’t know where I might have set it.  IF I set it somewhere and it didn’t get scooped up into the recycling I will be eternally grateful but… right now, no idea where “that” is.