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We swept Texas!  What a relief that was.  And it wasn’t easy!  Ended up winning in the 10th.

Yes, I had much to be grateful for, including that.  Why?  Because Canada has one Major League Baseball team.  Because a very long time ago before there were any sports channels and the Jays played outdoors at Exhibition Stadium my grandparents would take a TV outside, tune in what was then CKCO-TV (now one of the CTV channels) with the rabbit ears and we would sit around watching the game on a Sunday afternoon.  When they made it the first year to the World Series my aunt was getting married.  All night we ran back and forth between the hall and the bar to keep an eye on the game.  It’s something that I have shared with my dad for years and the one thing that I will always remember.

I have passed that on to my daughter because I know how exciting and exhilarating it was 24 years ago when they went to the World Series the first time.  She’s into and it’s something I can share with her.

Special moments.  It’s what we all look for isn’t it?

Well I got back to Confessions today.  Spent quite a bit of time working through the next leg of the novel.  Piecing in the old stuff and then adding filler to bridge the big moments.  And up until this moment, I never thought of it that way!  Sure, we all learn that the plot is made up of scenes each having a beginning, a middle and an end.  And we all learn that scenes move the story forward.  But never have I looked at my work that way.  Never have I looked at my own work from the perspective of scenes moving the story forward.  I’ve always just written the book.  I’ve edited it.  I’ve taken stuff out and I’ve added stuff in.  Never has it gone as far as me dissecting it because it’s not flowing right and the action doesn’t start until Chapter EIGHT!

The old adage is that we learn something new every day… that was my something new for today.

Well, we wait until Friday night for the next ball game.  I’m on vacation this week so it’s time to really sink my claws into Confessions and as much other stuff as I can cram into my days.

I also need to come up with a title for that short story I wrote before I can submit it.  I hate trying to come up with titles!  Sometimes it’s right there, but most of the time it’s not.

I’m going to go to bed now.  Probably watch some Netflix but I’m beat.  Those extra innings went until 11 something last night.  I’ve also had two very large suppers which make me sleepy.  I also had a glass of wine which is making me sleepiest.  Despite being on vacation, the old alarm clock is going to be waking me up tomorrow morning so I can be sure to get my daughter up and out the door.

Goodnight all!