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And it’s on and off!  But we’re here and I’m writing on a commercial break so I have to keep this short!

I’m also getting a migraine, another reason to keep this short.

I got through my 31 pages this morning.  I had to take a number of things out and add quite a bit because so much came from other places in the original manuscript.  I guess I could say manuscriptS since there are two!

It felt good to finally get to it and start entering those edits.  It was too bad my time ran out and I had to go before I could finish entering all of them.

We had Thanksgiving dinner at my parents tonight and my adorable little three-year-old niece is so cute.  She has latched on to me and it feels really great!

When I told her she was leaving she asked why.  But then she came running at me to give me this big hug and all this kisses.  It was adorable and cute and I wanted to take her home!

Anyway, my friends, best get back to the game.

I’ll let you know tomorrow how it ended!