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Yesterday’s post was about gratitude.  Today, yeah, not so much!

The last place I wanted to be yesterday, as they day wore on, was at work.  I came home feeling incredibly agitated.  “Don’t bug me” agitated.  Watched the baseball game, settled in and calmed down but it took a lot of time.

Today I only worked until 1:00 and I felt pretty good leaving work.  I’m done now until the 17th.  I can relax, I can get some much-needed work done.  Midway through the afternoon I felt the agitation rising again.  What was that about?  So I am asking myself why do I feel this way?  Why could I shoot first and ask questions later once a certain point of the day hits?  I don’t understand.

We left here around 3:15 to go to my daughter’s lesson and I missed the end of the game… not for trying though!  I hit record before we left but it went too long.  We WON though!

It hasn’t helped that there’s been a big homework crunch again and I’m trying to fit everything in but it’s not working.  Rather, it’s having a profound effect on me… again.  On Tuesday I printed off a copy of the 31 pages of Confessions in the Mural.  I went to bed to read it and the bottom two lines on each page were missing!

So I have yet to have the chance to get back to MY stuff.  I think that’s part of the problem.  What I need is getting put on the back burner.  It doesn’t matter to anyone else.  On one hand, why should it, but, as I have shared many times before, I get extremely agitated when I haven’t been able to write.

Maybe I just answered my own question?

I have to cut this short… I now have a pony blanket to fix… all before bed.  😦