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One down… two to go, for this series!  We’ll worry about them as they come at us!

So I will have half a glass of wine to celebrate!

I wasn’t feeling that way earlier today.  I was feeling really down.  I had shared some of my ideas for my future with someone today and I started getting really depressed as the end of the day neared coinciding with the start of the baseball game and an intense feeling of wanting to WRITE!

So here I am, finally.  The game is over, it was a 10-1 victory and it wasn’t a late night!  I’m still beat from the other night though.

It was a busy day at work with prescription renewals and frustrations.  Phone calls, including a half hour call from a nurse practitioner in London.  I was trying to get referrals done and get things wrapped up so that at 1:00 tomorrow I can walk out of there for a week and feel like I got everything accomplished.

Another thing that has had my focus is Thanksgiving.  I posted a little while ago on Facebook that I really do need to be more focused on what I am grateful for rather than what I vent all over the place.

I was brought up in church.  I was baptized, confirmed, active in services and choirs then later on “human resources” and then treasurer.  I believe in God.  I’m not here to preach I’m just giving a lead-in.  Many of you will believe in a higher power–some will believe in God, others some kind of power, others nothing.  We are all permitted to have our own beliefs.  When I was diagnosed with vocal nodules I had to quit the choir and I quit church because I loved singing.  So even going to church but not being able to sing was pretty devastating.  A number of years ago a new chair took over finance and I was basically kicked out of the treasurer job.

Since then, it has been me and God, God and me.  I don’t necessarily pray but we have conversations.  I read bible passages and devotions each night.  Lately, I have been talking, and even praying, more.  But it leads me (finally) to the point I’m trying to make.

I have started realizing all the things I’m grateful for.  Sure many of them are little things but I’m grateful all the same.  Like my daughter getting safely to and from school each day.  That one has been pretty big actually.  Then I look at the bigger picture and I realize how grateful I am that I have my family and that they are safe each day.  Despite my complaints, I’m grateful for my job.  I’m grateful for my home and I’m grateful that my daughter is able to be out at the barn as much as she in spending time investing in her passion.  The list goes on, of course and there is always that one more thing, even as simple as the Blue Jays.  I only like baseball.  I’m not into the other sports that everyone else is… hockey, football, etc.  Baseball is only played six months of the year so for six months I get to enjoy one of my favourite things.  Because we only have one team in Canada it feels like it brings the whole nation together.  It feels great!  It’s something to celebrate.

So, see, I’m not going to preach, I’m not going to tell you what to believe in and what not to, I simply wanted to say Thank-you!  For what I do have and for you, my readers.