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Work was torture today!  What was with that?  I don’t know!  I can’t say.  It was like it was a full moon or something.  However, part way through an insane afternoon, I turned over a scrap paper and started writing.  Not writing as in a story writing but writing as in another list.  I know, I’m very good at lists, just not as good following through on the list items.

Why is that?  I asked myself.

I think a big part of it is lack of time.  A lack of time that leads to a lack of focus.  As I have said, I spend a lot of time doing other things that need to be done and I spend a lot of time getting frustrated because I can’t get into writing mode when I have the time!

So I thought maybe jotting down a few notes of what I’d LIKE to do next week while I’m off that maybe I will make my time fit my list!

I printed off the 31 pages that I have pieced together for Confessions so far according to the outline I created months ago for that book.  It has been over a month since I worked on doing that and I’ve forgotten where I am.  So I’m going to read it.  Then I’m going to look at my outline and hopefully pick up where I left off!

There are, of course, a few other things on the list too.  It’s downstairs and I’m upstairs waiting impatiently for a very important Wild Card game to start!!

Tomorrow I want to be able to look at the list and start planning.  I do want to try to get up to my parent’s trailer for a day next week.  Just to get out of this town, walk the beach, do some writing, visit my favourite shops and calm down a bit!  The last item being a problem when it comes to my getting things done.

So right now I’m going to go focus on sending positive thoughts and enjoying the baseball game!  Then, when bedtime comes around, I will once again turn to thoughts of my writing and my plan and thoughts!

I’ll elaborate on more of that when I have time to focus!