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Today was back to work after what was a busy weekend.  I lost Friday night and then proceeded to have heart palpitations through not one, but two, very close baseball games!  Fortunately the Jays won and will get a single chance at making it further into the postseason.  I hope they do.

It’s fun when you’re passionate about something.  I’m not into football, or hockey (yes, despite being Canadian), or any other sport.  Just baseball… just the Toronto Blue Jays.  It goes back to when I was in my late teens and they won the World Series back-to-back.  There was so much excitement in our household and at my grandparent’s.  Everyone was into the Jays then.  I lost touch for a while after that but my dad never did.  He’d talk about it but the numbers were so low it was impossible.  A few years ago I really got back into it.  It’s the one thing I get to share with my dad.  Talking about the players, talking about strategy and talking about what moves need to made… how they need to play the game… hit the ball on the ground.  Advance the players around the bases and score runs!

Does any of that ring any bells?  It should.  It’s the sports version of writing a novel!  You have your characters, you have your goal and your plot is how you get the characters there.  You develop wins and you develop losses.  You develop hurtles that your readers will cheer for and against.  You will have that one (or two, or three) antagonist that your readers will hate (for me it’s four because as passionately as I love the Jays, I loathe Boston, Tampa, Texas and New York (Yanks)) and love to hate.

But comparing baseball to writing was not actually where I was going with this.  I’ve done that before, I realize.  Where I was actually going is the passion for something, anything.  For me, the passion to write is the same as sitting down and watching a Jays game.  I have to do it!  I can’t not do it.  Sure, I can easily turn it off if they’re losing and have no way to get back but I’m with them every step of the way just like I’m with the characters I develop every step of the way through their challenges.

Find what you’re passionate about.  Of course it can be another sport, it can be anything.  Find the comparisons to how you feel about writing.  No matter what else you’re passionate about, the passion should be the same!