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I feel, much of the time, like I never have time!  And for the most part, that’s true.  And I’m not just talking about time to write, I’m talking about time to just breathe!

I go, go, go almost constantly and if it’s not one thing, it’s another.  Like yesterday… part way through my blog post I looked around my basement and started to unpack a few more boxes, three years later!  It’s driving my crazy and I would like to use it as more than just a storage space with a computer in the corner!  I usually write from my bedroom but my laptop is slowly dying and it takes me twice as long to write a post because in the middle of a post it will come up with a message about some error somewhere and I end up having to save the draft, shut down my browser and, in some instances, the entire computer.  Then I come to the basement to finish the post anyway!

So why not make the space a little more inviting to work in?  And I never have time to get to it any other time.

Today I will go and collect my ballot boxes and then start reading.  I think, for the most part, I’m going to be disappointed!  I know that my city contact was so excited about this and it’s not her!  Let’s make that clear!  I give her credit for her enthusiasm and her thoughts about what I can do.  So definitely not her.  I don’t know what it is though.  This community seems to be lacking in support of the arts.  We live in a region with three quarters of a million people and yet most of those people don’t even care that there are artists in their midst let alone support them.  Are all communities that way?  Or is it just ours?  And how do we reach those people?

Many don’t get the newspaper anymore.
Most don’t even listen to the radio because of Sirius or even the ability to mix your own music onto a memory stick and play it in the car.

So how are you supposed to say “HEY! We’re here!  We live in YOUR community!”  It’s incredible how many people think it’s cool I’m a writer but they do very little to support me.  They don’t show interest in reading my books.  Many tell me that they don’t read because they don’t have time.

One thing I do make time for is reading!  I love to read.  I have always loved to read.  It’s second nature to me and I tend to miss it after a while.

So this morning I stole a few moments to read a short inspirational book that I swapped for on Facebook.  We actually swapped reviews.

Stolen moments here and there and things get done.  There is just never enough time to get everything done!  Soon I will be on vacation again and perhaps I can settle a few things!