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A little more than a month ago I made a pact with myself and you that I would write one post a day for a month.  Depending on how that went I would consider continuing.  If not daily then definitely more frequent than the weekly and on occasion twice weekly that I have maintained for over a year.

So the countdown begins.  Tomorrow, my month of daily posts comes to a close as my Culture Days weekend begins.  I might write late tomorrow or I might write twice.  I want to make sure I let you know how tomorrow evening goes.

What was to be outside is now going to be inside.  That means that I can set up my books without the fear of them being destroyed by the rain, or even the dampness.  I’m now looking forward to being warm and dry and being able to talk to people about the contest and, naturally, my books!

It’s been interesting how this has transpired.  A year ago, I swore I wasn’t going to do this again.  Then a little suggestion that I liked that didn’t require as much of a commitment (hmmm…) came along and here I am.  I don’t want to say that I’m forever the sucker rather I’d like to think of myself more as always hopeful.  That at some point my break will come!  My daughter just asked me how come I have to go to this… enough said!

So here is to a great weekend with lots of entries for the contest and a lot of great stories entered that I have to choose from!

Like every author, we’d love our day in the sun!  It’s part of who we are!  It’s why we do what we do.

We have this feeling that comes over us when we don’t write, or we don’t write enough, that makes us go on no matter the circumstances.  In many ways, what have we got to lose?  It may not be our bread and butter and most of us wish it was but we go on with it anyway and we try not to turn down any chance we might get at bringing our books to more people.

We need the reach!  Right now I wish my Facebook Author page was doing as well as my Twitter account, but hey, I can’t have everything!  Maybe this weekend will change that a bit.  Maybe I’ll manage to hit that magical number 100!