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Did you read last night?  I did… though it was brief.  I got an email that REALLY ticked me off and unfortunately I just couldn’t concentrate on reading so I turned to my 20 minute comedy.

So now the countdown is on… in less than 24 hours my 6-Word Story contest goes live online only.  It starts Friday at 3:00 p.m. at a few ballot boxes around town and ends at noon on Sunday.  I will be in the Public Square Friday night if the weather permits with my ballot box and my books for sale!

Here is one of my ballot boxes!


It’s exciting, yet draining, all at the same time.  Because I work I can’t do all things.  My focus has been on this weekend rather than on writing despite the two of them being connected.  I am down to the wire and I’m nervous about it actually flying this year.  If it doesn’t then I’m not going to do anything next year.  Promise!  Cross my heart, hope to die!

It’s amazing how the cycle goes isn’t it?  I started off writing because I wanted to write.  I wanted to tell stories.  Then a teacher asked me to speak in her classroom which set of the current events.  Suddenly I was developing my own curriculum, trying to find places to hold classes and Writer’s Path was born.  I spent too many years trying to hone that.  There are only so many people you can reach and there are only so many people who want to take your classes.  Just ten months ago I was so hopeful that the dream of a writing studio would take off.  I was shopping for office space!  Now I will never know.  I had to crush my own dream because I can’t keep carrying it around.

So once this weekend is over and the stories are read and the winners are identified I can return to writing.  I can finish my short story which, thankfully, isn’t due until November 1st.  I can go back to working on my mini-memoir and I might be able to do further work on Confessions in the Mural.

So much to do… so little time!