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So since February when I ordered up Netflix because of Fuller House, my reading has gone down,

I have been watching TV series that I never got to watch when they were on or I’d get to see an episode here and there.  I feel like I’m playing catch-up!  For most of the spring and summer I was working my way through 3rd Rock From the Sun.  Then that ended and I went back to reading for a bit.  Then Last Man Standing came out and now it’s been a race to finish watching what was four seasons, now the fifth has been added, before it started season six on TV… too late!  It started last Friday.

And it’s not like I don’t miss reading!  Maybe I would get to sleep faster and sleep better if I turned off the screen!

As writers we need to keep reading too!  Not only do we have to make time for writing but we need to immerse ourselves in other writers’ work.  And it’s not as though I don’t have a great book in the nightstand.  I was eager to read it… in fact I paid full price for it!  This is highly unusual for me!!  I usually mark down the title and order it online where I get it at least 5% cheaper… no, not this time.

So if you’re writing, or want to be a writer, you must read as well.  We each have our own reasons why we started writing.  We each have similar reasons why we write what we do.  For me, I started writing because I could no longer stand the formula used in romance novels!  It was driving me crazy!  So I started writing my own.  A little of this, a little of that added in.  It’s worked for me!

So we’ll make our pact… let’s turn off the screens a bit more each day and get back to reading as well as writing!  Let’s spend that time working with our minds.  Feeding our minds and giving them the power to succeed in our writing!