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On August 23 I heard from the City of Waterloo wanting to know if I was running a Culture Days activity next weekend.  I had said no but let her talk me into a 6-Word Story contest.  Now I’m down to the wire!  I bought golf pencils yesterday and I just printed a sample page of ballots.  They’re probably a bit much but I thought I should have my information and (sort of) logo on them.  Make them POP!!

So now I need to finish the job!  I need wrapping paper for my ballot boxes that I’m making out of shoeboxes!  Hey, Staples wanted $30 a box and that’s a lot when I need FOUR!

So, as you can imagine, my focus has been on that rather than writing but I am interested in seeing the results of the contest.  I guess I should write up some rules for this whole thing… you know, the typical stuff, that by entering they give permission for me to use them, post them, etc.  That the City of Waterloo has the right to use them/post them, which I believe they already do but we’ll cover it all off… does anyone know if there’s somewhere online to get rules?  Or do I just have to search it?

Next week I will likely end up looking through all the entries and picking the winners.  I haven’t even decided how many winners there are going to be!  Since I’m going to be hanging out in the one location on Friday evening do you think I could take some books along in case anyone wants to buy one?

This is pretty typical for artists I guess.  You get to work so long and then something crazy comes along like this that takes your attention away from it and then you go back to work.  It’s a pretty big cycle.  I wonder how the big authors do it?  Oh yeah…

they don’t have full-time jobs to concern themselves with!!

Of course a month ago, almost, I decided that I was going to write a blog post a day for 30 days… that time frame is almost up and it has been interesting.  For one, I’ve had an outlet for my every day frustrations, my highs (during my vacation week) and my lows (meltdown with my daughter the other night) and the adjustments of my daughter going to college and, of course, the challenges of putting together Culture Days.

Will I go on to maintain such a schedule?  I don’t know!  I’ll think about that and write about that next weekend… sometime!