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One of the first things I teach is Writer’s Block and ways to try and get out of that block.  Of course many ideas come to mind, as always and sometimes it has to be as drastic as walking away from a project!  My students often don’t understand this concept because they would think you would just sit there and have at it until the words start to flow again.

As writers, our brains are already cued up.  They know what to do.  Even when we hit a wall whether it’s not being able to start a project or we’re in the middle of editing and we’re trying to do rewrites, or we’re halfway through and we can’t go on… we’ve painted ourselves into a corner.  Our brains sometimes just need us to walk away for a bit.

When you walk away, it could be something as simple as cleaning out the fridge or walking the dog.  It could be as drastic as taking a week-long vacation (of course there’s no way I could go on a week long vacation and not take writing with me).  Either way, your subconscious just keeps working and eventually you will see the light bulb come on and shine through the darkness.

I haven’t been working on much these past couple of weeks.  Part of it is that I’m still adjusting to my daughter’s new schedule and we’re fighting over her homework.  The other part is my going back to work after a week’s vacation and working on my own for the week.  Then, finally, playing catch-up this past week.  Stress levels are pretty high although I did good on Friday getting things done and faxed off.  My desk is, once again, much cleaner than it was!  It’s unfortunate that the subconscious won’t clean that up for me!

Other times, all you need to do is listen to some great music.  I am a K-W Symphony subscriber and last night was the first concert of the season.  It was Skating’s Greatest Hits hosted by our very own Kurt Browning.  He did a fantastic job!  As did the guest conductor.

They played music that had been used by skaters in figure skating competitions.  Much of it I recognized, especially the Phantom of the Opera medley that was done.  I haven’t heard that music live since I saw the performance at Pantages Theatre back in the 90s.  My heart soared when those sounds resounded throughout the Centre in the Square and I sat there and cried it was that powerful, and if you haven’t already guessed, it’s my absolute favourite!!

So go listen to your favourite music.  Let it lift up your soul.  Sing along, whether good or bad, and perhaps that will jostle that subconscious of yours to let out that story!