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Yeah, right!

I’m not really sure whether it’s indecency or rather rudeness… is there a difference?

How can we call ourselves supportive of the arts when nobody can even follow up on an email?Is it difficult or have we become a lazy society?

Ten years ago everyone wanted to email; looked for every excuse to send an email to someone!  The ability, all those years ago, to finally receive emails in real time, on our portable devices was welcome and sending emails was the easiest way to reach someone outside texting (not everyone gave out their emails eagerly) and calling which nobody wanted to do anymore!  Why talk to someone when you could email?

Now… you send an email and if someone doesn’t like what you have to say, they ignore it!  They just can’t be bothered to hit reply and send an email back saying sorry, this just won’t work for us.”

That would be easy!  And here is my predicament… I have emailed four alternatives for ballot boxes for Culture Days.  That doesn’t include an independent bookstore that I reached out to first many weeks ago that I have never heard from.

So what happens now if I get a number of them, at the last minute, saying they will host a ballot box?

Then do I choose not to reply, or at least in a timely manner, or do I possibly burn bridges by saying that someone else beat them to the punch and that I can’t accommodate them?

Sure I’d love to give one to everyone, if that’s the case, but that means driving to drop off AND go pick up!  Plus go through all the entries!  There is no guarantee how many people will actually use the boxes vs entering online.

I’m not complaining about going through the entries… this is an interesting project.  If it’s successful, I would look to do it again next year, perhaps in a few different locations.  So I don’t want to burn those bridges.

I am looking forward to seeing what I get, but with a week to go… I’m starting to feel it!