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I spend the majority of my days, and therefore my life, feeling like I’m in a hurry.  I do things half-assed because I can’t take the time I need or want because there’s always something else.

With my daughter back in school, suddenly everything becomes about her again.  We had a ginormous fight the other night because she tried to do three quizzes.  And, of course, she can’t do anything without mom holding her hand! Or so it feels like!

So today it was summarizing an article for College Reading and Writing which is somewhat stupid since she was getting 80s in English in high school.

It’s due tonight at midnight.  That’s all grand except that she has a lesson at 4:30 and we have the symphony tonight so unless she was planning on writing this on her phone and submitting it, it wasn’t going to get done unless I pushed.

Next it’s something else due Monday morning.  So I’m on one of those things they used to have at the park that was round and had four bars and everyone climbed on before the parents started pushing it and you went around and around and got dizzy but you couldn’t get off.

I had to remind her that I don’t have time to take out to keep working with short due dates.  She has to get on top of this!  I have Culture Days next weekend.  At some point, I have to get to the dollar store and I have to prepare my ballot boxes and I have to get to City Hall to pick up balloons and signs and bookmarks from my contact there and I have to get to Staples and try to get paper and pencils so I can actually have ballots at the boxes!!

I feel the time crunch now and I have a week!  These assignments are coming in and are due two days later.  I can’t work like that and, if you’re a writer, you know what I mean… we can’t work within time frames that short… unless you work for a daily paper and then it’s learned.

So now I will go upstairs, having completed this task for today in keeping with my goal of 30 days, 30 posts.  I can’t believe I actually stuck to it, or at least so far.