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My post today is dripping with the theme of love… be warned!

If you have read any of my work you will realize that, like the Harry Potter series and many other books that I have and have not read, the theme is love.

Love is the cornerstone of life and it’s difficult to see those who have likely be scorned and can no longer accept it in all of its forms.  These people become grouchy, some homeless, some hermits.  Today is also International Day of Peace and the little share post from Facebook says that Peace begins with Love!

I guess that’s true.  If we all loved one another around the world there would be no disagreements, no wars.  There would be no conflict and those of us who write fiction would be greatly disappointed.  No conflict… no novel!  In fact, no conflict, possibly no memoirs!  There wouldn’t be as big a History section at the library either because all the books on war would disappear.

But what happens when you’re in love?  What happens when there the reasons to part ways is written all over the wall but at the same time you just can’t because your heart will split in two?  What happens when a person wants to move on but doesn’t at the same time?  Is part of that fear and the other part familiarity?

Maybe that should be my next book… In Thee I Love!  Nice title!

I have a picture that has hung in my room since I was a little girl.  It says Love makes the world go round and it’s just one of those things that I have never wanted to not have in my room.  It’s a little girl on a pony on a merry-go-round.

In so many ways love does make the world go round and on this International Day of Peace it’s basically the same message.

We love many but we say it very little.  When was the last time I told my family and friends I love you? I don’t remember.  We take it all for granted.  We all live by so many rules and if you break one, you get kicked out even if you don’t know that new rules apply!

Yes, that happened to me a few weeks ago… I had joined a Facebook bloggers page.  We could post blog posts and so we all were.  Then they formed a team of people and the posts had to be okayed before they went live.  Next thing I knew, they weren’t on my list of groups anymore and I can’t find them.  So I guess they changed the rules, forgot to let us all know and since I kept posting my blog, they not only un-joined me but they blocked me!

So… I bring to you my own Indie Authors and Bloggers group.  Only one or two rules that I felt were fair.  There is no limit to the day of the week you can post or how many times a week you can post.  Of course I will take down anything that has foul language, nudity, etc. but, otherwise, it’s free game!  Join me!  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1668959470098290/