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I asked for the week after Thanksgiving (Canadian) off!  Well, I pretended to ask… we don’t actually ask for the time off it’s more like saying “I was thinking about this… would it be okay?”  It’s never not been okay.

But my feet hurt, my back’s killing me and, despite new episodes on TV tonight, I kinda just want to curl up and forget it all exists.  But, in 50 minutes, I will curl up on the couch and I will turn my undivided (it better be! oh daughter dear) attention to the characters I have missed all summer.  NCIS followed by Michael Weatherly’s new drama Bull which I’m very interested in seeing.

Then I wonder how there are minds out there that are continually able to pull new stories out of their heads.  I wish I could.  Why do I have to be in the right mood?  The right state of mind?  The right amount of sleep?  The list goes on and on!

Is it worth putting thoughts away for a rainy day?

I say no because when I get into the right frame of mind for writing, I’m like the wind.  I’d like to say nothing can stop me but unfortunately I’d be lying.  Time can stop me!

So I may not be writing right now but I’m certainly being philosophical and cynical.  I’m back to the “I’m fed up” phase and have to remind myself to put that into context.  I’m fed up with not being able to drive around our city.  I’m fed up with running constantly from sun up to sun down (which no holds true since the sun is now setting about now) and I’m fed up never getting anything done, especially stuff that I want to get done.

So I think I’m going to go upstairs, maybe pour myself a glass of wine, veg out and just play solitaire because, tonight, I can!