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Today started off like they all do… except a bit worse.  Mondays are not my favourite days like so many others.  Today my partner in crime was returning to the office and, of course, I didn’t get anything done!

Shortly before lunch I got an email from a Craigslist ad I had replied to about a week ago.  They are looking for about one article a month mostly around diseases that dogs get.  Hey, I can handle that.  I never got the opportunity to write back until I got home at 5:30.

Secondly, as you know, I have been tossing emails back and forth about Culture Days.  I have decided to run this 6-Word Story contest over the September 30-October 2 weekend and we’ve been trying to establish the locations.  So the Button Factory, where I sell some of my books and bracelets, is under renovation or repair, or whatever.  I thought I could put a ballot box outside right next to the Little Library for the weekend.  The reply I got (finally) today was that workers have to have access to the door.  This is a Friday to a Sunday.  Unless I’m wrong (and I could be) most work is done Monday to Friday not on the weekends… unless they are running behind.  Besides that, the Button Factory is set to open that Monday… the third.  If I’m wrong, I’m wrong and I’m sorry… but I doubt it!!

So there will be ballot boxes at the Little Library across from my parent’s house (or maybe even on the corner of their property which is across from the L.L.), at the Visitor Centre in downtown Waterloo and, for Friday night only, in the square during Final Fridays.  I’m trying to think of another location but I’m coming up empty right now… I think I’m trying too hard now!!

I wonder what, if anything, would happen, if I went and put a ballot box on the sidewalk next to the L.L. outside the Button Factory?  Okay, okay, I’ll let it rest!

Lastly, yesterday, I received an email from the American Library Association Midwinter Conference asking if they could promote my book, Changes in Time!!  All they ask is the ability to add my email address to their marketing email list… hey, promotion is promotion and if it means book sales, I’m on board!

So you can see why I spent the majority of my day frustrated!  I just hate, when I have all these things to do, being at work where I’m stuck not being able to do any of them.  I can’t write, I can’t reply to emails in a timely fashion, I can’t even think!  I just have to try and hold on until the time comes when I can get out of there!

Now I’m going to go and crash on the couch and watch Big Bang Theory since it was the season premiere tonight.  See if I can laugh for a bit and try to shake it off!

I’ll let you know if we work out another location… that reminds me… I should go on the Culture Days website and take the Button Factory off!