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So this is my beautiful, wonderful and very lovey cat…


He seems to think I need help today and that I do!!!

I’m back in that other place again where words seem to be eluding me… why does that happen?  It’s not writer’s block per say but just the inability for the brain to make connections as far as writing is concerned.  Have I written myself out for my short future?

What if we’re only allotted so many words in a month and once we use them up we must take a break and wait until the next month?

Or is it the full moon?  Maybe it melted my brain slightly on Friday.

Either way, my kitty is, therefore, not being much help to me!!  Maybe he wants me to tell a story about him?

So how do you prefer to get started on a story? All of my past work has just come to me. Usually characters start to form in my mind and a very general idea and then I tell the story from that point.  I don’t get a lot of plot points ahead of time.

That short story I wrote is the first piece I’ve ever actually managed to start (and finish) from a story starter.  I impressed myself and I wish I could actually share that story with you!  I’ll get it to you somehow, probably sometime in the New Year.

I feel like my writing is evolving now.  For a while I was writing a book a year and then it dropped off when I started teaching.  I assume there is a connection there.  It makes sense.  Now I’m trying to get back to the heart of it all.  That’s why I came up with those three options the other day.  Since then, I don’t know what to do.

So I guess I need more help than my very sleepy kitty can offer.  Maybe he’s telling me I need more sleep?  I probably do too!

I just went snooping and found a great site with some Short Story Starters so I’m going to share that with you… http://www.creative-writing-now.com/short-story-ideas.html   Just scroll down unless you prefer to tell stories using lists.

I found one!  I’m going to go start a story with it right away!