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Despite having come up with three possible options, it doesn’t seem that my brain wanted to work today!

I think it’s been working overtime and it just wasn’t happy about me trying to force it to do more thinking this afternoon.  I ended up watching a fair bit of an awful baseball game before I refused to be depressed for any longer and I turned on a movie!  My daughter surprised me by coming home a bit early (She’s supposed to be done at 5:00 and she got done at 4:00 so she made it home at 5:00) so I turned off the movie so I could make supper.

Nothing was for a lack of trying though.  I made some notes about potential story lines for carrying on with my PI stories.  I even sat with Confessions and made a few notes on how to proceed with that.  Nothing was really sticking.  It’s like the synapses just weren’t firing today.  It might have something to do with having to work this morning.  My brain tends to function by the time it gets off.  So if it had to work four hours today, that’s it… too much thinking! LOL

So I will keep this post short… that and the fact I had to use my inhaler for the second night in a row and it makes me shaky!  It’s getting harder and harder to type this as my fingers are shaking so badly that I am correcting every other word.  I keep missing letters.

Today just wasn’t a writing day!  I guess we all have those too once in a while!