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This is the first, and likely the last time I will be working a 1-8.  It’s not going to be that big a deal I don’t think other than my body is just not prepared!!  I’m trying to do everything around the same time as usual because I don’t want to throw anything off.  Especially my appetite!

Anyway, I’ve already been on email and I already have a patient who seems to think that we should work an eleven hour day when the boss is on-call!!  Really?

I got to do some writing this morning.  I sat down with Confessions after all.  I like the opening I have and the prologue so I’m leaving that there.  I’ve moved up a dream.  I also want to insert, somewhere, the perpetrator’s thoughts again.  I need to build it more… because she has taken photos of the mural where he has been writing his confessions.  In his mind she’s also gorgeous and he wants her… not in a good way.  So I need to have his thoughts about her being a source of grief for him and concern over her ruining it all.

How does that sound?

Maybe I will be able to use a large portion of what I wrote previously… knowing what’s in there already and then editing large chunks of it.

Don’t even make the mistake of moving everything around to improve the timeline without entering all the edits!

Go through your work, edit.  Enter those edits.  Then if you don’t like stuff, move it around.  My edits were based on the first time through.  Some of that writing is useless after I moved it all around but now I don’t know what’s useful.

I have edited somewhere around twelve novels… never have I done this to myself.  So, take it from me… it’s not something you want to do!

Well, my schedule says I have to go have lunch now!

Until tomorrow!