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So yesterday I’d had a massive memory failure!!  I had, unfortunately, had a number of thoughts on Sunday that I hadn’t written down.  Last night I wished I had had some way of capturing the thoughts because they had entered my mind and then escaped even faster!

Amazingly, with thanks to my own blog post on Sunday, I remembered what I was thinking!

I ended up writing down THREE options last night regarding my writing and ideas.  Here they are:

Option 1: continue the short story people with a series of short stories.  This would involve a new case each time AND having the tension building–think love triangle (yes, forever the romance author no matter how I try).  I also need to determine how old they are because in my story my PI, Anne, had several cases that she wrapped up before she took a single one on that lasted six years.  If she had been successful, she could be late 30’s or early 40’s by now.

Option 2: work on Confessions in the Mural… as in do a REWRITE!  Actually sit down and rewrite it–new file, etc. working from the outline I wrote out.  I have been struggling with this because, as you know, I made the huge error in rearranging the whole thing before I had entered any of the edits.  BIG mistake that has cost me a lot of time.

Option 3: forget about Confessions (for now) and tell another story…
either the same Mysteries of the Past with a different title/storyline (it is supposed to be a series after all so I have options)


a different novel altogether… what of it though?  A paranormal again? or another romance/mystery again?

As usual, I don’t know but at least these ideas are no rumbling around in my head!

I have also found it interesting the last couple of days… first I had Seagram’s Cooler’s start following me on Twitter and now I had Waterloo Brewing Company do the same!  Don’t get too excited as they are the same I’m led to believe.  I’m not certain how these things come around but I thought it was neat since it is right here in the same city.  I, personally, don’t drink beer, but I know many people who do and I do drink coolers once in a while.  I wondered if they would be interested in running some kind of writing/tasting evening… do those things even go together?

As for work, it seems that an agreement is being drawn up by someone’s lawyer.  Will find out gradually I suppose.  I’m tired of gradual though!  I want the whole story now!  I just want it to all pour out!

Amazing how real life and planning the lives of fiction are pretty much the same isn’t it?