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I wish it was my writing that I had managed to get back to but, alas, it was not, sadly.

Work was busy and had I not gone in on Saturday it would have been a complete disaster.  At least I got a thank-you… I haven’t been getting many of those lately.

I never got to any of the prescription renewals so I will have to make time for that tomorrow or I will be getting phone calls and emails.

Unfortunately I came home to a frazzled teenager who has quizzes to do online but didn’t know where to find them.  On one hand, and I keep asking her, ask someone at school… a classmate, a teacher, etc.  On the other hand, this is all new and the college seems to want to go electronic but they’re not doing a very good job of advising these kids on how to do the stuff they need to do.

As usual, probably a learning curve on both their parts.

As for me, well, all those wonderful thoughts and ideas from yesterday are once again leaving me.  I took my notebook with me yesterday but by the time I got to sit down and potentially write anything down, the ideas were gone… this is sad for me because, as you know, everything is so fleeting.

How do you keep track of ideas when you get them?  In the now… when all else seems to fail, how do you avoid losing those thoughts?  I didn’t even make enough of a note in my post yesterday to go back and know what it was I was thinking!  My mind was on work all day today, with the exception of the sudden “Mom, help! I need that textbook and I only have an hour” and the intense struggle to try to track down one of my parents to get a credit card number so I could immediately load $200 onto her Student/everything card!

I can’t wait to, once again, immerse myself in some writing time.

Let me know how you keep track of those ideas in the moment!