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I couldn’t fall asleep last night then I woke up really early this morning.  I’m incredibly tired and the dark cloud cover is not helping.  I also ended up spending 2+ hours at work.  Why?  you ask… because I can’t stand feeling disorganized and I’m by myself this coming week while my partner-in-crime is on her honeymoon.  The additional issue was that the boss was in last week when he wasn’t supposed to be so I figured I better get some of last week’s stuff out of the way and make way for an all new stack of stuff.  I had 1cm of prescription renewals sitting there to be entered… YIKES!!

And so it goes.  I will take the day out in trade though, never you fear!

As only a few of you will know, I’m a huge Blue Jays fan.  We haven’t been doing so hot this month considering where we were in the standings at the end of the month.  I just turned on the pre-game show and it was announced that there was a players-only meeting held this morning.  The question was what would have been said during that meeting?  My short answer is get your s**t together, play ball and start winning unless you don’t want to make it to the playoffs after all.  Stop hitting for the rafters and just hit the balls on the ground and get some really awesome base hits.

I realized, as they were talking about that and I was formulating my answer that we writers don’t have that.  Sure if you’re a journalist or do marketing for a large company you would but most of us are out here on our own and we don’t have a team that tells us to pull it together and focus.  We don’t have someone telling us to get to work writing more short stories and then everything else will follow suit.  How wonderful would it be to belong to a team of 40 (at this time of year anyway) where someone shuts the door and says step up! It’s our turn to nail this!

We have to rely on ourselves.  We have to create our goals and be our own spirit team; our own cheerleaders.  We have to come up with all our ideas and work through all our problems on our own.

Let’s get some baseball fever and see if we can nail this thing!