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Well, the car has been examined by a mechanic and the engine light is to be of no concern.  Engine is running good, it was not leaking oil, in fact it had too much.  There is likely an issue with evaporation (I am guessing) which is not a concern at all and other than keeping an eye on the oil level over the next several weeks, she can just not concern herself with the engine light!  So YAY!!!

On the flip side of that cheer, my vacation is over.  I feel like I have accomplished little.  Yes, my short story has been edited and is need of a few readers.  I did do some work on my mini-memoir and my frustration levels soared with Confessions in the Mural but I haven’t started anything new nor did I get Confessions finished.  I have also managed to blog every day, my own challenge which has worked out beautifully so far.

Now I have to work every day next week, yes, including Wednesday.  Insert eye roll here.  I know everyone is entitled to their vacation time, me included, but I guess I’m still a little sore about not getting my two weeks back-to-back.

I didn’t even get the chance to have a look at what, if anything, I wanted to do for Culture Days.  I know tomorrow and Sunday are still days out of the office but I think I’m going to have to go into the office at some point before Monday morning as the boss was left on his own today as it’s my partner-in-crime’s wedding day and she booked it AFTER I had booked my vacation.  I did say that I would go in but the boss wasn’t supposed to be in and he insisted that the office just be closed.  So it was.  And, of course, he’s already called me.

So the best thing I can do is go in there and tidy things up a bit in preparation for Monday morning because even going in early isn’t going to solve the problem because he will very likely be there already and I really don’t want to get there THAT early! LOL!  Besides, with my fingers crossed, he will have very important news that we can discuss on Monday morning!

Anyway, it’s barn time.  It’s time for me to go throw my arms around the neck of a beautiful palomino and give her a big hug!  And get a hundred kisses in return.  One of the downsides of my daughter’s schedule being turned upside down is having to rearrange barn time on Wednesdays.  How long has it been that we’ve been going to the barn on Wednesdays?  It feels like forever and it’s been close to six years.

I have said it already and I’ll say it again… I HATE change!!  I don’t do well with change!!