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Though hot, and I am talking about 31 degrees and it feels like 41!  For September around here, that’s hot!  Last year was the same and I’m not complaining because I’m on vacation.  The pool is open, the sun is shining and I am just trying to take things one day at a time.  I sat outside shucking corn and that was hot despite sitting in the shade so I donned the bikini and took advantage of the pool.  Felt great!

All fingers continue to be crossed but my brother had a look at the car last night.  He couldn’t identify any areas where there was any kind of oil leak.  He reset the engine light and she made it to school this morning without any new lights rearing their ugly heads!  Hoping that the crisis is averted and we get into smooth sailing.

On the writing front 135 “copies” of Til We Meet Again were purchased free (does that make sense?) from Friday to yesterday.  It would be nice if I got somewhere around 15 reviews on Amazon.  That would help to boost it up the ranks a bit more!

I read through, again, my short story and made the handful of changes in Word and just printed that copy off.  I don’t really have a lot of people to read it and give me good, solid feedback.  Everyone will read it and say “yeah, I really like that”.  So I will likely just keep it to myself and send in the entry.

Ah yes, something I have yet to mention and I ask your opinion on what I should do… last year, as some of you know, I participated in a country-wide arts/culture weekend the last weekend of September.  As you also know, my plan failed and not a single soul showed up.  So I decided this year that I was not going to run anything.

A little over a week ago I received an email from the City letting me know there was still time to plan an event.  I told this young woman (I assume) that I wasn’t running anything this year.  Last year I had nobody show up, or even show interest ahead of time, and it was a waste of time, energy and money.  Trying to get my daughter to the barn and home, while getting to the venue early enough to set up only to find nobody is coming was bad enough but I planned out an entirely new mini-workshop, printed take-home booklets and I ordered extra copies of books as I was also doing a reading/signing/author Q&A.  Not only did I schedule this for Friday evening but also Saturday afternoon.

She wrote back and had a list of possible ideas that would cost me little and require little of my time.  My eyes perked up at a 6-word story contest run mainly online.  Not a bad idea.  Perhaps have a couple of ballot boxes at a few strategic locations… seriously?  So I wrote back asking what venues might be good and what kinds of prizes because you have to give people something!  I, personally, thought that newspaper involvement might be the right answer.

The response I got back was let me know how you make out finding a venue.  Perhaps the small independent bookstore would be willing to offer a prize package and/or a spot to put a ballot box…  You could have golf pencils and small ballots next to the boxes for people to enter on the fly… so this falls back onto me and how is it not costly or time consuming when I would have to build ballot boxES, deliver them to the locations, buy pencils, create ballots, and pick up the boxes whenever I deem the contest ends.  So I’m sitting on the fence as to what I should do.  Should I run something that’s totally online?  Could I offer a coaching session as the grand prize?  Do I attempt to make contact with the bookstore to determine if they would consider working with me?  Or do I stick to my decision and say “no way, not this year, maybe next year”?

So I have that to consider this week and I only have two days of vacation left.  I have two additional days left to take yet and will need to plan ahead.  It sounds like the boss is close to a deal–fingers crossed please–so I should look at taking those days sooner than later.