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Reminds me of that old song Love is in the Air by don’t-ask-me-who!  Same tune going through my head.

I know I wrote last week about my emotional breakdown on the verge of my daughter starting college and that still holds true.  How can we not be sad but happy about the milestones of life?  They happen to each of us from when we are born and say our first words to taking our first steps.  Then some of us go to preschool, others not, but then there is school.  Kindergarten, grades one through eight, then we venture off to high school.  We decide what we want to be (sometimes), we go on our first date.  We often experience our first kiss and then we graduate.  We move on to higher level education (sometimes) or full-time jobs.

All are milestones and all create the base for who we become.

Tomorrow my baby takes her first steps into that post-secondary education.  I hope she likes it.  I hope she enjoys what she’s learning and it comes easily to her.  After last year, she deserves that!  It’s going to be tough because she will be adjusting to that, she’ll be adjusting schedules so she can still see her pony and she’ll be needing part-time work–or a few more lesson hours.  All of this in a very short time frame.

She’s going to meet new people and try to find the balance between her old friends, her barn friends and the new friends.  I think that will be incredibly difficult for her because she has such a huge heart.  She wants all these friends in her life.  I didn’t have that really because my boyfriend was also friends with my high school best friend.  The rest of my high school friends ended up going their separate ways.  We are all connected now on Facebook but how many years did that take?  My college friends were pretty well merely that.

So wherever you are and whether you have kids or not, know that tomorrow is a big day for hundreds of thousands of kids around the globe.

And if you feel like it, write a bit about your own milestones.  What makes you the person you are today.  Maybe you don’t want to but just think how awesome a backstory it would give one of your future characters!