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Today I went to the beach, okay, well, my parent’s trailer then down to the beach.  The temperature is a little cooler than I’d like it to be thought but the sand was still hot!  Unfortunately the lake was much warmer a few weeks ago when I was there last.

The other problem is, there is a LOT of tiny gravel down there and I swear I cut the bottom of my foot!


But we walked all the way down to where we’d found the waterfall a couple of years ago… guess what?  Because of all the dry weather we’ve had, it’s non existent.  There’s water but none cascading down the rocks.

I guess it’s like everything in life… ebb and flow.  Whether it’s writing and perhaps writer’s block or whether it’s something else.

I don’t go to the beach to swim necessarily although that is a definite plus.  What I tend to go for me is the hot sand on my toes, being near the water and being able to take pictures… my other passion.

I think I got some really nice pictures of the non-existent waterfall.  And the water was so blue today.  I’m still, a year later, playing around with my zoom lens.  The results still fascinate me.  It’s hard to describe but that’s the way it is.

Isn’t it that way with life and writing?  We can have these great moments and then we have the moments we wish we could erase from our memories.  The moments when everything else isn’t what it should be and isn’t what it used to be.

I’m on my own for the remainder of this long weekend and I’m happy about that.  As I said, I need time to decompress.  To relax my mind and get back to some basics.  Basics of writing, basics of reading.  I just want to bask in the sunshine and do whatever it is the spirit tells me to do!