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It has been an incredibly emotional week, not to mention a late one.

I know I talked about my meltdown from Wednesday, well today was only a bit better.  Today I bid farewell to a doctor that I have loved to work with over the last five years or so.  If we get a new boss, the chances of that person hiring a locum for a while is pretty slim.

I will keep in touch and, perhaps, down the road, I will have the opportunity to work with him again.

But so much has changed.  I have already dealt with many losses personally this last month and a bit.

It has also been a week of new beginnings with my daughter attending college orientation, getting a car (heaven help us all–and by the way she’s in need of a job (or me a second job)) and, late evenings getting home.  I just had supper so that speaks to what my evenings have been like.  The cat doesn’t like it and neither do I.

But I need to take a few steps back.  I need to be able to regroup and to find myself.  I need to have earlier evenings, better sleep and the ability to laze away with my writing again whether I write or edit, it doesn’t matter at this point.  So I’m not going to stay at the trailer this weekend.  I’m going to come home and do that regrouping.

I am on vacation next week and I’m looking forward to just being at home.  Just spending expanded time doing what I started this weekend.

I’m going to keep this one short today as I’m also getting a headache.  It’s nearing bedtime and I’m exhausted.

Until tomorrow… probably close to the same time as I will be at the trailer and won’t get home until later.