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I mentioned some time ago now that I had read an article about someone who had written one blog post a day for a year.  I was also considering taking on the challenge myself except perhaps on a smaller scale… a month to start off.

So here I am on my birthday since it falls on the first with the intention of giving it a try.

The reason… as you know from my post yesterday I hit a bit of an emotional crash because I had finished writing drafts for two projects in five or six days and then no time to do any other work!

That, among other things.  You see, my daughter starts college on Tuesday!  Much is changing and, let me tell you, as I grow older, I have greater difficulty adjusting to change.  I have always had a “nervous stomach”–>if my parents even mentioned (and by mention I mean whisper) the word “lost” on a road trip my stomach would drop and if I found out we were lost, well, you better find me a bathroom!

So over the course of time I have always over-thought every decision I’ve ever made.  I want to know the outcome BEFOREHAND.  If I apply to a job I jump instantly to how I’m going to handle it when I tell my boss I’m leaving as opposed to waiting for a call, going for an interview, seeing what they have to offer then waiting for an offer or deciding it doesn’t work for me.  I often fear confrontation worse than the confrontation actually ends up being!

So here I am in the midst of change more because I worry about her as my child since this change has little impact on me.

So I thought perhaps by writing daily for the month I can accomplish a few things.

  1. share what it’s like to be the mom of a college brat
  2. get in some form of a word count every day whether it’s a hundred or 600 words
  3. build up some daily writing experience again and maybe get back in touch with that in time for NaNoWriMo which is a mere two months away

So here’s to 30 days and 30 (great) posts!

I extend the challenge to you… do you accept?