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I feel so childish!

In what was it? Five or six days, I wrote close to 6,000 words?

I was so incredibly excited to have done that… now it seems that I have crashed and burned and I think there is much stimuli!

I purposely chose not to look at either of the projects so I can look at them with fresh eyes, probably while I’m on vacation next week.  However, I think there was that adrenaline rush, then NOTHING!

So I spiraled into a bit of depression late yesterday.  I think work disappointments didn’t help either.

This morning I was trying to go over all of the Conestoga College stuff for my daughter for tomorrow and it’s overwhelming!  She needs a parking pass which now costs three & a half times MORE than it did 22 years ago when I was there!  That’s absurd.  BUT you also have to purchase it online and Interac doesn’t work for my banking information!

I’m overwhelmed and I haven’t asked my daughter yet how she feels about all of it!

Also, I”m starting my own Facebook Group!  It’s for Indie Authors and Bloggers where any Indie Author or Blogger can join and promo their work any time.  The only catches are commenting on two other posts if you post a promo and posting a review if you do read someone else’s book.  Maybe I’m setting myself up for disappointment and having to shut down the group, I’m not sure yet.  It can be found at https://www.facebook.com/groups/1668959470098290/

Also, for the last long weekend of Summer I am giving away Til We Meet Again on Kindle free Friday to Tuesday!  It can be found at the link below and, can I ask a favour, if you do read it, could you please, please, PLEASE give me a review?