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I missed my post yesterday morning yet again… please forgive me because this time… I was


I know that seems to come as a novelty considering my drought the past while but in the last week I have actually managed to write TWO things.

The first was a mini-memoir.  Back in June, if you recall, I arranged for a tour of my great-grandmother’s house for my mom and myself.  I shared pictures and mom’s reaction along with a few memories.  I got a comment that I should write that memoir.

So I did… at least the mini version, for now.  I might expand it as I edit and arrange it better but for now it’s around, hmmm… I’m not sure how many words (3,000?) and I was very excited to get that done.

Second, I came across a contest of sorts.  It’s a publication that puts out first lines four times a year and you write the story.  Doesn’t pay all that hot but I saw the starter and I liked it so I wanted to run with it.

In the last two days I have managed to write a 2,800 word story!  I got about 1,300 down yesterday morning (pen on paper then typed out) before I had to leave for the house.  I came pretty close to finishing it last evening and was disappointed that I couldn’t.  When I came home at lunch today, that’s what I sat I did.  It was done by the time I went back to work.  After work I typed out the rest of it.  It’s now in my email waiting to be printed at work… yes, I do that sometimes… but on used paper… all the fax headers that come in that don’t have any identifiers on them.

But I feel so happy!!!  I finished a short story!!  This is an incredible feat for me.  I don’t normally do short stories.  I don’t normally have the ability… well, maybe I do, I just haven’t uncovered that part of me in its entirety!

So I hope you will forgive me for not making my usual (except this summer) Sunday morning appearance!

One day last week I had a patient remind me that work is there for us to sustain life, not consume life.  Work has been consuming my life.  That evening I sat with my notebook, a pen and a glass of wine and just wrote.

I encourage each of you to try it!