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So what can I say?

I’m at the beach and the weather is so-so… it wants to be sunny but it wants to be rainy.  It’s the perfect mood for a murder mystery!

I’m at the end of a week off and, let me tell you how much I do NOT want to go to work when my alarm goes off tomorrow morning.  I’m going to groan with displeasure at having to get out of bed and get dressed in icky clothes and go to work!

And then I look back on the past week off and I try to list what I did manage to accomplish… as usual, not nearly as much as I would have liked.  I would have liked to make it to the end of Confessions edits.  Instead, I ended up doing something really stupid… it’s called making changes before making changes!

What does that mean?

That means that instead of going through and entering all of my edits first I went in and started moving large passages around to make it flow better.  I had sat down and made a list of the timeline and how everything needed to go to improve it… but that was supposed to come later.  Now I don’t know what to do!  I don’t know how I’m going to find all the passages I moved around in order to put in the edits!

I printed it before thinking so I have 2 paper copies… I could spend the next several YEARS trying to sort it all out!

If Confessions never sees the light of day I will understand completely!

Well, I also can’t help but wonder how my kitty is doing.  Poor guy… I left him, though only for one night, alone.  Despite his not liking my other cat this is the first time he’ll be alone in the house… at least she provided company.  My neighbour was going in to feed and spend some time but I still cant wait to go home.  Yes, I’m glad I came up here but it has been stressful for me as well wondering how he’s doing.

One thing is for certain, this week has produced much for me to think about.  I even applied for three or four jobs.   I even managed to break my baby toe!  OWWWW!!!!

With my daughter heading off to college, it might be inevitable for us to get her a car.  She will need the income to pay for insurance and gas so she does need a job somewhere for a few hours a week.  Her schedule is crazy-ish so now onto the next step.  But it made me realize that I need better income, that’s all there is to it.  Whether the boss likes it or not, I have to watch out for number ONE!  Sure with a new doc coming onto the scene at some point the atmosphere will change but the income isn’t going to jump $5,000 a year!

I digress… my apologies!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!