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It’s Thursday already.  Pretty typical for a week of vacation.  It’s been hot, which has been awesome but I believe thunderstorms are in the forecast for today.  Will have to watch the hourly!

I also haven’t been feeling well this week.  I don’t know if it’s the heat or if it’s a combination of things including that let down from work.

I have spent some time on my edits but, unfortunately, I end up crashing on the couch about mid-afternoon and I just can’t seem to motivate myself.  Plus the headaches the last couple of nights… whoa!

So here I am at Thursday and due back at work on Monday.  It will be a partial week with the boss out on Friday… I can only wonder what has been going on in my absence and what stupidity I will be arriving back to!

So today my intention is to enter more edits.  It’s sometimes tough, especially when I can’t read my own writing!

I was thinking the other day about voice.  How does our “voice” come into being?  Despite my being upbeat, funny, and sarcastic most of the time, how come that does not come across in my writing?

Is this a case of a hidden identity?  Many times I can draw a laugh just from turning something simple around.  Yes, I’m often sarcastic as well and am proud to be good at it.  But very little of that comes out in my writing.  I have very little humour in my work despite enjoying Bones and NCIS and the humour they are able to place so easily in each episode to lighten the mood.

I don’t even have those most of the time.  I probably have the tiniest spots of humour and I hope they are funny to my readers.

I don’t want to write humour but I would love to put more of my personality into my novels… or is my “voice” just what it is?