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As I approach another birthday and the start of much change I ask myself where has the time gone? The past month, after my vacation, my time away from the day job, has gone by in a flash.  From births to deaths, from the zoo to a horse show, it has sped by and is now a mere memory.

Many of us are experiencing this increase in time passing and wish to have it slow down a bit.  How come the summer months evaporate and the winter months never seem to pass?  How, in a world where time is speeding by us, do we slow down and get done what we want to get done?

I finished the edits on Confessions in the Mural over a week ago.  The document has sat open on my laptop at home and for several hours at work this past week and I have yet to enter anything.  Just that, in itself, is depressing.

I am on vacation this coming week and I already see the end of it.  Tomorrow I will get much of it to myself.  Tuesday I have an appointment at 1:00.  Wednesday is the barn at whatever time we choose and, with the heat, it might be earlier than later.  Friday, again, is my daughter’s lesson.  So every day but Thursday somebody is doing something.  I’d love the opportunity to hop on the train and go to Toronto and once again snoop around Casa Loma and, this time, visit the Aquarium… IF my back could handle it because it too has been creating major issues!

Once in a while I step back and I think of whether this type of lifestyle would make a good character or bad character?  Is this something that can be written into a character?  Is it too blase or is it exciting?  Is a life this busy worth reading about?  I guess that is the ultimate question.  And how do you fit that into a plot of some kind?  A woman who is too busy, too busy, too busy suddenly finds herself ______________… fill in the blank!

I take vacation time to get out of the office and slow down.  I don’t have to go somewhere.  I’m quite happy at home being able to split my time between getting house work done and trying to catch up on writing projects.

How about you?  What things are you up to this summer?  Could they all be put into a book?  Would your life be an exciting read?

I was thinking about my blog the other day as Hope Clark offers guest posts.  I was trying to figure out how to describe what my blog is about.  My Writing Path is all about MY writing path.  The twists and turns, the frustrations and the joys of a writing career interspersed with a full-time job, being a full-time, single mom, and having other family obligations.  I think that summarizes it nicely even if it doesn’t cover everything off.  Perhaps one day soon I will ask her to guest blog!

Well, everyone, stay cool.  I will likely be posting a couple of times this week, but if not, you will know that I got too busy.