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What a ride!
When it was announced that Harry Potter & The Cursed Child was being written as a play, I got excited.  When they announced that the play was going to be published into a book, I got ecstatic!

I didn’t care if it was going to be published line by line same as the script.  It was more HARRY POTTER!

Yes, I have a login for Pottermore but I barely have time to check on lottery numbers let alone poke around on the site.

As a writer myself, with a full-time job (x 2–single mom as well) I try to use all the free time I’ve got to write, pay bills, edit, pay more bills, eat, sleep… you get the idea.

Well, the eighth story, as it’s called, did not disappoint me.  Obviously it did some people from the comments I saw on Mugglenet’s Facebook feed.

And no, I’m not going to diss those comments because everyone is entitled to their own opinions.  I wasn’t lying when I titled this Spoiler Alert–do NOT continue past this point if you haven’t read the book yet!

I started the book Sunday afternoon and finished at bedtime Monday.  I did things in between.  It was just an easy read.  Because of the standard format for scripts–double spacing especially–it was a quick page-turner.

It felt comforting to be back in the wizarding world.  It was recognizable and so were the characters.  After watching the movies and reading the books over and over it was refreshing to once again dip my toes into a new story.

It was also interesting how, despite all of Dumbledore’s words in the first six books, there technically is a way to bring back the Dark Lord even after all of his concerns… his desire to be immortal.

Sure there were a few pieces missing… how old was Delphi?  She never said (or I accidentally skipped that tidbit in my thirst) and it was never mentioned.

It was also difficult to imagine good old Voldy engaging in the kind of activity that could produce an heir!  But I did always wonder about him and Bellatrix.  Whee was she through the series?  Why wasn’t she on the Black Tapestry? Did Harry ever go have a look?

I realized, recently, upon re-reading Chamber of Secrets that for that book Voldemort would have been 66 or 67 years old!  That means by the Battle of Hogwarts he was 71 or 72!

I digress.

Perhaps these questions will one day be answered on Pottermore and hopefully I will get notified of such!

As an author I am skeptical that J.K. will now let Harry rest.  It is very difficult to let go of characters you have created, especially when they come to life in your head and you tell their story.

Even if she never tells another Harry story, he will live on in our hearts and on our bookshelves forever!  The books will remain Harry’s horcruxes forever and he will never die!