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Well, my friends, I too pre-ordered my copy of The Cursed Child and went to pick it up this morning.  I could have gone to the release party last night but I’m not in my 20s anymore!  Let’s face it, I need sleep!!


I can’t wait to read it and, of course, the question is: why am I blogging rather than reading?  Because writing to me is just as important as reading!  If we don’t read, we don’t write well.  We don’t learn what storytelling is about.

J.K. Rowling did wonders telling Harry’s story.  If you’re a writer, you may also have noticed how her writing improved from the first book to the seventh.  I have just finished re-reading the first two and I noted many typos as well.

This is where excellent editing skills come into play.  You need to have the ability to look at it with fresh eyes.  Sometimes you can’t.  It is recommended to put the manuscript away for at least two weeks, preferably longer.  That way, when you pull it out, it’s fresh in your mind.  You read the whole story as though you are reading a new book.  You tend to find more errors this way… not just spelling and sentence errors but issues with the entire book.

While editing Confessions in the Mural this last go around, I found errors with timing.  Basically I had two Saturdays and two Sundays then skipped to Wednesday.  I realized that I didn’t have any action for eight chapters (yes, that one still makes me shake my head) despite my attempt at “the set-up”.  The set-up went eight chapters!  I also ended up writing out several pages of how I’m going to change things.  On my hour and a quarter drive home last night, I also made some mental changes that I can’t remember now!

So take those suggestions for what they are worth.  Read, write, put it away, edit.  Have someone else take a look at it and let you know what they think.

When in doubt, go read Harry Potter!