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I just figured it out…

I just turned the last page on my edits this afternoon.  Sometime in the recent past, during a long editing session, I figured out how and where this book needs to go…

I had none of the action really starting until Chapter EIGHT! What was with that I asked myself?  Have I taught myself nothing?  Have all the articles I’ve ever read taught me nothing?  You start with the action!!

NINE novels later, between 18 and 27 edits and removing a number of the first chapters (or two) in order to start in the action and I go with EIGHT!!

YIKES!!  I’m not sure what that shows though… I wrote the book five years ago and I wrote it in sections.  I went back to it to do the edits late last year and it sat on my dresser for months before I finally ended up entering those edits three weeks ago.

That was when I really got into it again.  I wondered how I was going to make it work and now I have three handwritten pages of how to make this work.  Of the general layout of the story including her taking preliminary pictures of the mural at the beginning of the book.

I don’t normally do layouts and pre-planning but I have before and I think my old age is starting to show!

I’m not against pre-planning.  It has its place and millions of novels have been planned and outlined before being written.  I prefer to let the characters tell the story… tell the story.  Then I end up going in to make all these wonderful changes so that it’s a story worth telling to other people.

When I’m editing and making all the magic happen I often wonder how many edits my favourite authors went through.  How many times do they go through a manuscript?  Or are they lucky enough to have an editor?  Probably the latter.

Anyway,  I can’t believe it’s actually been a week since I wrote last.  How depressing.  Not for a lack of trying, don’t get me wrong.  I haven’t been able to blog one Sunday this month… I have to get back to it.  It’s one thing to miss one but four in a row?  I know it’s summer.  I know there’s stuff going on but there’s another month of summer to go and I’m bloody exhausted!

Then when I turn my alarm off and plan to sleep in, guess what?  I wake up at 5:00 a.m. and can’t get back to sleep.  I buried one of my cats last evening so I think spending yesterday not being able to absorb finding her in the morning probably caught up to me.  She was 16.  She was losing weight and I think she had stomach cancer.  Had she carried on, I would have booked her in to be euthanized but she beat me to it.

So much for having five minutes… my teenager is worse than a two-year-old sometimes!