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I’m forcing myself to take the time to do some editing every day.  I was going to bed agitated and have actually been spending part of my bedtime editing.  This is a good thing for me as I’m finally getting back into it!

However, and YIKES!!

Last night I reached page 50-something/Chapter 9 and I realized that it took this long for something to happen.  The book starts off with convocation and it’s a) David’s last and b) the introduction of the artist painting the mural.  Aside from two dreams that Rebecca has hinting at what’s to come, that’s it.  They go three days in those chapters before something happens.

So what do I DO?

We all tend to want to tell more story than we need to and that our audience wants us to.  They want the goods.  They want the meat of the story.  In the first book there were two stories.  The mystery that the writing on Rebecca’s kitchen wall brings and the romance that suddenly lands on her doorstep despite telling her best friend that she was done with men, at least for a while.  But I started that book off with her discovery of the writing on the wall under the old wallpaper.

It sets the stage!!

I’ve made a few tiny notes in my phone on what I will likely have to do to recollect and I think my idea will work, but it’s going to take a lot more rewriting, at least of the first part.  I’m going to finish the editing and then go back because I also don’t want to start repeating in the front of the book what I already have covered in the back of the book.

This is what happens when you start writing a book in 2011, write it in sections then let it sit for almost five years before picking it back up again.  I don’t recommend it.

For a long time, writing came so naturally to me.  Sure, there’s always room for improvement and improve I did, when I was writing a book or more per year.  Now I’m lucky to get one out once every two years.

I think I’m going to change that.  It’s time.  As part of the whole re-evaluating/start-over plan, it’s time to change my focus back to what I love to do.  The more I am able to do it, the better off I’ll be.  If I can keep editing in the evenings, even if it’s for 20 minutes, then when that’s done, I should be able to start writing for that 20 minutes.

I miss it.  It’s time to get it back.  It’s time to clear the clutter and take back my passion!

And eat chocolate but that’s another story!