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IF one or more of my books hit it big…
IF I won a million or more dollars…
IF I inherited the same amount…
IF I married rich…

Where would I begin once I bid farewell to my employer?

Here’s what I’ve currently got going on…

Finishing edits on Confessions in the Mural
Finishing/rewriting Henry
Finishing writing the sequel to Mystery in the Attic
Finishing writing my memoir

That’s FOUR projects I have to work on and I wonder why I never get anything accomplished!  Fit a full-time job in there yet and it’s a nightmare trying to do anything outside of work/being a mom/keeping house, oh yeah and don’t forget that little thing called SLEEP!

Plus I went in search for and successfully found the blog post by the guy who blogged daily for a year because, if you recall, I wondered about doing that myself in a past post.  That would be the FIFTH thing on that list up there and this is something I would HAVE TO do once I got started.  No matter what! No matter how I felt, no matter how many other things I had to do, it wouldn’t matter.  Would it add to or take away from my writing?  Would I start to hate it?  My other thoughts was to do it for 30 days… just decide and try it for 30 days.  It would be like NaNoWriMo except there would be no word count police! I could write twenty words a day or 3,000–okay even I’M pushing it now!

But you can see my dilemma!  If I keep adding things how do I get any one of them done?

If I don’t keep adding things how do I call myself a writer?

So many questions this time.

I just wish I had the answers!