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As you all know, I had a week of vacation last week.  Well it already feels like a year!

I did not want to go back to work today!  I was thriving (finally) at home with the ability to spend time writing and basking in the ability to do what I love.

It gave a whole new perspective to that… I can once again announce I love writing!

It’s an incredible feeling this passion; it gives an amazing (an non-toxic) high.

Someone just told me I have an addiction… do I really? I asked and if so, does it matter?  Is that not a good thing rather than a bad thing?  I have a creative outlet for my frustration and stress rather than alcohol or drug use.  Just because that person was feeling sorry for himself doesn’t mean I have to defend my decisions.

If someone would give anything to be on their boat or at their cottage are they addicted?  If so, what are they addicted to?  Nature?  The feeling of peace they get?

So let us writers write! Just because you don’t have a passion, or even a hobby, doesn’t mean that you have to be cruel to me about mine!