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So this week I’m on vacation… YAY!!

When you work full-time any time away from the office is heavenly because it gives you more time to do things you just can’t do when you’re working.  This includes planning months in advance to run a kid’s summer writing camp to only have a single registration.

So I made an offer to this young girl and her parents… two mornings this week to do anything and everything writing.  She emailed yesterday to ask if she could print off and bring along some work she’s been having trouble with!

“By all means!” was my excited reply!  I can’t do that with regular camp.  I can’t give what is really needed to them when there is more than one!

She brought it this morning and three hours flew by.  We hardly touched what I had done up for her–Deepening Plot, The Dark Side of Characters–but we did get more of her storyline dealt with.  We made a plot planner for her and we outlined her main plot and subplots as well as the characters and which ones belonged with which subplot!

I’m hoping she spends this afternoon, this evening and all day tomorrow just writing up a storm before we get to our session on Thursday morning.  That way we can iron out any remaining issues before she’s suddenly gone.

I too have been trying to get at things.  I had to spend three hours yesterday cleaning my house in order for this young person to come over.  I spent some time reading about writing but went to bed with an agitated tummy because I didn’t spend any time writing.  I’m on vacation, I should be writing!

Anyway, I did manage to do some writing this afternoon.  Not nearly as much as I wanted to but I tackled some at least.  And, of course, this post.  I think I was more excited about sharing the joys of sharing writing with another than I was about sitting and writing.

The weather is beautiful–it’s sunny, it’s hot and it stays light forever!  Soon it will all be another memory.  That’s the unfairness of summer… it seems to only give us a whiff and then it disappears.

I hope that my young student this morning has more success than I at sitting down and getting writing done!

Now, I must take my leave and go out to my daughter and her horse… ho hum… soon my week will be over and I will be sighing, wishing it was longer. Wishing I had a few more days.  There are never enough hours in a day!