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You’ll never guess where I am (well, was)! Okay, you might…

I spent the night at the trailer with my parents.  This is a first as my grandma is no longer able to tag along with them.

However, despite having THE master plan in place, it all fell apart.  The cats were supposed to be looked after but it turns out that, like all plans, it fell apart.  But it did so too late.

It’s much like writing… we sit down with story in mind.  We see where it’s going, we visualize the characters and we plan out in our minds where it’s going but when we sit down to actually tell the story it often ends going awry!

It always reminds me of Changes in Time. There I was, going along working on my main character’s story when all of a sudden her best friend gets pregnant!

Why did I do that?
What was my mind thinking?
How, exactly, does a writer’s mind work?Are our minds any different than anyone else’s?

It’s a good question because I have also practiced nursing for so long that, for many things, my mind becomes analytical.

Is writing my release?
If I gave up nursing will my creativity disappear?

All I want to do is write but how, where and when?

Sometimes I go from the time I get up in the morning until I fall into bed, exhausted, at night.  Then I can’t sleep because I haven’t written anything!

My mind is always busy then!  It always has ideas then!

Sometimes I get them written down but more often than not I don’t.  Then they are gone.  And yes, I always have my notebook at my bedside.

Sometimes I’m just lazy about getting it out and making notes.  Lazy? or just that tired?

It’s like this post… it has been written in sections.  I have been interrupted multiples times while I’ve been writing here with conversation and going to outside to see what it’s like so I can dress accordingly when I go into town.

It’s the flea market on Sundays.  That’s where The Trinket Box got started.  Perhaps I will find a magical box of my own!

I’ll let you know!