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Yesterday morning I engaged in a discussion about if it was a perfect world!  It started because we were talking about my daughter passing or not passing math and if it was a perfect world.  It did, however, spill over into adult life.

IF it was a perfect world, all of my books would have sold millions of copies and I would get to stay at home (wherever that might be) and write and spend my time doing what I want to do.

My dreams would have come true along with everyone else’s and that’s where it becomes a problem!  What if everyone’s deepest desires were all true?  I think we are destined to live in a non-perfect world.

On Sunday morning I visited the basement and I pulled out a book I had made.  I can’t remember where I got the craft idea from anymore but it was a book of dreams.  This is what was in it:

I was shocked when I opened it because these are my dreams still… especially the photo and writing business!  Nowhere in here was a thing about teaching.  Sure, I love to teach but since I made this (and it’s been at least THREE years) I’ve lost sight of what these dreams were.

I think I’m getting there now.  There is no camp and I’m free on my vacation that week now so much of it will be spent trying to sort through things and start planning.  I read something on Facebook this morning… The best way to tell the future is make the future.  I didn’t pay attention to who said it but it was not me so credit lies elsewhere.  It’s true.  So many other sayings talk about living for today but we all have to plan our futures, even if it’s saving for retirement.  We can’t wait too long.  I definitely understand that there may not be a tomorrow as I’ve seen many lives cut short but we have to plan.  I don’t think planning for our futures means that we’re not living for today.  Me spending my vacation time writing lives for both today and the future.  The time I spend planning for my future means that I have something to live for.

And that’s my speech for today! (lol)

Live today but don’t be afraid of planning for tomorrow.  I don’t think anyone else said that so this time it’s my credit.