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Yesterday didn’t go entirely as planned… I had to tell my mom ahead of the time that I had planned all this out and I think there was a tear in her eye!

The actual tour was nothing more than surreal… to be standing there again after all this time and seeing much of what was there before was uplifting.  Sure, at some point in its future it will be torn down but not right now.  The company that bought it actually wants to return it to it’s former glory for a while and keep it as student housing.

We were supposed to go on the tour with one guy however another came in and asked if he could take it instead.  He was so excited to have us there and it helped because I was so excited that it was nice to have someone want to hear the stories.

We took pictures of what still remained almost 30 years later.  The top pictures are of the living room door that was the original… yes, the inside of the door had been painted all those years ago with the natural wood still on the hallway side.  And there’s mom so happy to see all of it!

The bottom picture is the workbench that my great-grandfather built himself.  Nobody can lift it and so it has remained.  The giant tool board that he made still hangs on the wall in the basement as well because nobody knows how he attached it or how to get it off!

The kitchen is still the exact same and we even got a souvenir!

It took my breath away to walk those rooms and have the flood of memories.  The medicine cupboard, the cupboard below where I used to go in and get out the tin of buttons and sort them with my great-grandmother.  The closet that held more coats than you could ever imagine still there with all the hooks intact.

The staircase was the same, most of the windows have never changed and even the same bathtub is there!

My grandmother’s bedroom where I slept for sleepover, my great-grandmother’s room where I went through her jewelry boxes, all intact.  The small room that was made into a large closet for my grandmother still had the same wallpaper that my mother put there well over 30 years ago!

My mom felt like she was in a dream.  She thought she’d never set foot in that house again.  To see her reaction and hear her tell so many stories overflowed my heart!  I hope it was the best present anyone could receive.  She walked from room to room commenting about the floors, the fixtures and just amazed.

She talked endlessly about it afterwards and it was fabulous hearing her memories.

My dad and daughter came along as well and even my dad had much to say.  My daughter didn’t say much though, she was quiet but listened to the stories.

We have been invited to keep in touch and visit as they fix up the house.  I jump at the opportunity!

It was one of those days that you don’t want to forget.  You want to hold down all the memories and keep them with you.  For me, I want to put them in a book!