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With the closing of the High School chapter for my daughter, she is voicing concerns over whether she will like what she has chosen to go to college for. Biotechnology interests her because she would like to do something in a forensics lab.  Though it is not her dream, it is her second.  Her dream is to work with horses and I stand by that… hard not to with my passion for writing.  But… with that comes great uncertainty so I have advised to “get a day job” and spend all the other hours building up her name.

Much of our time as authors is spent doing exactly that isn’t it?  I have written endlessly recently about how there was no social media or blogging fifteen years ago when I started writing.  Now half of our time is spent branding and building our platform.  Not much different with her, really.  She will have to make a name for herself.  Either that or team up with her aunt and build an empire!!

Often our dreams are what keep us getting out of bed each morning.  I realized this morning, as I sat with pen poised over my notebook, that I have to stop making notes on my plan of action, I need to step up to the plate and hit it out of the park!

On Friday I spent the better part of an hour writing what I would have blogged while writing my first novel.  I’m not sure if I’m going to share that here or if I’m going to start a separate blog for all of these because there are several books that I plan on doing it with.

It was an interesting exercise walking down memory lane.  I was still married, though things were really rocky (the split was soon after), I had a very young child and things were uncertain.  Of course technology wasn’t what it is now either so that adds a different perspective!

That brings me to also point out how nostalgic I’ve been lately.  Is looking so far into the past a good thing?  Or do we draw on the lessons that were there but we didn’t identify them at the time?  This afternoon I have a surprise for my mom… hopefully this won’t be the first blog she decides to read… my great-grandmother’s house has a notice on it that it’s going to be redeveloped (I’ve shared that before) and my mom had said how much she’d like to go in and have a last look around.  For the last ten days I have been communicating with the owners/property managers and this afternoon we are going to go in.  I was told that much construction had been done to turn it into student housing all those years ago and I realize that.  My mom may not.  I figure the upstairs shouldn’t have changed much… 3 bedrooms and a bathroom… hard to change that, especially if it’s student housing.  They still need to have a kitchen but the dining room and living room may have been turned into rooms as well… we’ll find out!  I’m most intrigued by the basement.  I haven’t been in there since I was fourteen… I’ll keep you posted!

My book Til We Meet Again was based loosely on my great-grandmother and her house.  That and reincarnation.  It’s one of the two I classify as my babies as it took hard work and labour to get it written.

Now that homework is over, I can move forward and start my start-over plan and all the effort it’s going to take.

Oh, I also added a page to my blog site… all of my books are listed now and hopefully the links carried over to where to buy them… but there is more to come!