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Our lives our made up of chapters like any book we read.  Our life is the book.

Today my daughter is going to her last day of classes.  Yearbook day is Monday but it’s not like it used to be where you still went from class to class to get it signed.  Now they get their book and they run madly all over the school trying to find as many friends as they can to get their books signed and then they leave.

She has some exams to write but today the chapter comes to an end.  It’s the end of an era.  For fourteen years she has gone off to school every morning.  She has learned to read, write and do arithmetic, among other things!

She has grown and changed into a lovely young woman with her whole future ahead of her and I can only hope that I taught her well in the ways of the world.

I understand how she feels.  Twenty-five years ago I was in the exact same position she is now.  Half a decade has passed and I understand the feeling… leaving your friends behind to go on a new, and scary, adventure.  What will college bring?  What will college be like?  It’s scary not knowing what’s around the bend.

But she will prevail as we all do.  We work hard, we experience failures, but we come out of it all in the end.

I wish her the best and I will be with her through it all… I’m not going to abandon her, I will always be her mom and, as most parents say, will stand by her decisions even if they aren’t always the best and I will help her to find her way.

Sounds much like the makings of a novel… character development… do you make a mom supportive or not?  Do you make a child supportive or not?  Sometimes parents are overbearing and drive their kids away even though they mean well.  Other times parents don’t care and they still drive their kids away.

For her, the future isn’t written yet… there is no plot right now.

I get to watch her write her own story!