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Don’t you wish you could make a wish list that actually came true rather than remaining as such?  I wish I could hole myself up for a month, undisturbed, to do whatever I want to do which just happens to be WRITE!

There is so much going on in my little brain right now… working on past writing as well as current writing–my Henry story, my memoir and the sequel to Mystery in the Attic.  I know I would need more than a month but it would be a healthy start!

It has been fifteen years since I started writing.  I would like to implement my start-over plan as a bit of a celebration but how am I supposed to do that?  There is absolutely no way I could do everything I’d like to do for it!  Republish all my books with Forewords in them, new pictures, listings of all my books as well as actually finish my Henry story in time for Sam’s graduation since it was her Grade 6 class that gave me some of the ideas… wouldn’t it be a great graduation present for all of them if I finished it?

So much to do and no time to do it!  This seems to be my theme… is it just me or are there others out there who feel like they are constantly reaching for more time and it slips through their fingers?

I did manage, on Wednesday afternoon, to start writing the forewords I’d like to see in my books… something different for each of them.  Just a short “what made me write this” sort of thing.  One page, maybe slightly over the page.  Does anyone read those things?

I also have concerns that camp is not going to run this year and, honestly, I’m torn.  I’ve booked the week off, my daughter is teaching camp but maybe it’s not running because I need the time.  As I said recently, I’m debating that if camp doesn’t run this year I might give it up… at least for a few years.  See if things come back around again.  Is the interest not there?  Or do I only run it on years when the first lands during the week and I make it four days?  I have no answers but I’m just tired of putting it out there, planning the week off way back in February and then nothing!

So I will take my leave and go spend some additional time working on something!  I’d like to get Henry further along but I can never choose!