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It was a TV show and a song but holds true for many of us as we struggle through the ups and downs of life.

On Thursday evening, after a 4 month battle we lost one of our guinea pigs… Boo.  She was diagnosed with TMJ in February and given pain killers and an anti-inflammatory.  We almost lost her until the nurse in me did some research and discovered that it was okay to give a guinea pig (like most animals) aspirin.  I even found the dose.  We started giving it to her twice a day and she thrived!  She gained weight, she was squeaking again… a happy piggy!  Then her top teeth started growing backwards but we noticed too late.  We were going to try to trim them but just this past week she seemed to get very sick.  She lost a ton of weight and after we managed to get one of the teeth out, she passed away later in the evening.

My daughter was devastated but so was I… I had been the one administering meds twice a day for a long time and got quite attached to that gray and white little one.  And many have, and will, say that they are “just rodents” but then they have likely never had a small animal as a pet.

So we went from the high of prom a week ago to the loss of a pet.  Life goes on and it’s not fair.

I also managed to get nothing done!  I need ink cartridges for my printer before I can print camp signs so Wednesday I went to Staples to get them and had to pick my jaw off the floor!  I know it was fall when I bought them last but they jumped in price by $20!!! Yes, that deserves all those exclamation points!

I was shocked!  So I decided to use 123 ink cartridges after all.  I know I got the off-brand but they were $41.99… I didn’t even look at the brand name cost… after that price jump they don’t deserve my business!  Of course shipping is free after $49 so I got a cartridge for my rarely used laser printer as I had to shake the cartridge with the last use.  All together, including tax was $12 less than what I would have paid at Staples… but I have to wait for them to arrive.

I tell you all this because as writers, life really does go on.  But it’s also life going on that feeds us what we need to be writers.  Whether I write the story of losing that guinea pig or I write fiction using the feelings from that loss doesn’t matter but it has fed my writing.  Same goes for the high of prom and the frustrations of $20 price jumps!  All of those emotions, whether good or bad, fuel what we write.

There is a lesson in all of it! (Now if only I could remember that when I get frustrated with other things!)